The Sound of Brilliance has PUBLISHED!!

I have 4 poems in this Anthology and it was really exciting to get my hands on the actual book. It is available from Amazon US & UK, link below, paperback £7.63/available in Kindle too.

I would like to thank Susi Bocks for all her hard work in producing such a lovely book, Carolyn❤❤

Cover by Terry Susi

Thank you EVERYONE who went on this journey with me! Both the paperback and eBook are now available on Amazon. If you are interested in getting your copy, please tap the links below to purchase. For those who prefer holding a book – click here to get your Paperback and those […]

The Sound of Brilliance has PUBLISHED!!


  1. I am thrilled it’s finally out! And I’m thankful to have worked with you all. This first effort was a joy. I appreciate you being a part of it, Carolyn! ❤

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