The Daily Haiku – Extra Weekly Theme, Nature 4



Is there a greater
sight at sea as a pod of
dolphins - talk to us.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.


  1. Dolphins are the second most intelligent animals on the planet after humans.
  2. Scientists believe that 50 million years ago dolphins were four-legged land animals – hard to imagine now with their prowess in the sea.
  3. Baby calves stay with their mother for 3 – 6 years and build a special bond.
  4. Dolphins live in pods of 20 to 30 although there are pods of 1,000 which are called superpods.
  5. They appear to have their own language, but scientists are not in agreement over whether this is true or not. However they do communicate by clicking noises and whistles.
  6. Dolphins have their special whistle, a name that is given to them by other dolphins. It is thought they keep that name for their 20 year life span.
  7. Female dolphins have a clitoris and have sex for enjoyment as well as producing calves!
  8. Although dolphins have lots of teeth, they swallow their food whole.
  9. Unlike humans they only sleep for 15-20 minutes at a time throughout day and night, resting only half their brain at a time so they remember to breathe through their blow hole.
  10. It has been proved that dolphins feel empathy and altruism towards each other and they will look after a sick or injured dolphin. They also extend these feelings to members of other species too.

Fascinating creatures aren’t they? Carolyn❤