Random Theme Haiku 22.


Mitzi Marmite is
eating and drinking, ear is
healing; made her bed

with an old towel
and draught excluder clever little cat.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.
©*Mitzi Marmite/Carolyn Crossley.

**This little cat is 15 years old was registered as Marmite and then called Mitzi, she answers to neither! She has a very smelly ear infection and a sore paw which she is not limping on any more.

I made her a nice little bed in a box which she has ignored and made her own. She is living in my utility room. She is eating and drinking very well and peeing and pooing in a litter tray. Her ear is still smelly but it is improving. I have had to cut some matted fur away from her ear which she let me do. It had become matted with the gunk from her ear. I am hoping she will put some weight on, I can feel every bone in her body!**

❤Carolyn – Mother of Cats!