The Daily Haiku – 469th Theme, Gifts.


in my virtual 
garden grows Amanda, tall
and strong like a tree,

wonderful Wendy,
captivating Connie, marvelous Melissa,

all roses in bloom,
super Shirley is a bush
of healing lavender

Lyntha is a tiger-
lily, tough and beautiful,
a strong survivor

Stan and Dan are my
wildflowers playing peek-a
boo, making me laugh

a silver birch tree,
grows in my garden, Alan our
haijin strong and true,

the "pennys" are my
beautiful begonias,
so full of such joy.

Vivienne a Greek
hyacinth, colourful and
fragrant, looking good

Bridie a patch of
Irish shamrock bringing luck;
gifts in my garden...

with ten thousand of
us, I cannot know you all,
the gift is yours too...

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021