Skeltonic No. 4


Skeltonic 4 - Freedom Day.

19th of July was freedom day.
Truth be told it was less hip hooray,
More like let's wait and see, keep at bay
Celebrations just yet,
let's delay.

Delta virus numbers are sky high.
They will rise more as days go by.
Doctors and nurses give a big sigh.
It is enough to make you cry.

Boris has admitted we may
get lockdowns back he has to say.
What happened to the Terminus day?
Point of no return, u-turns all the way!

Boris was contacted by track and trace,
who told him to isolate, his face
smiling, said his was a special case.
Busted, isolating at Chequers - his country place.

A roll of the dice, a gambling game.
Thinks he's Churchill, but who's to blame?
For the huge death toll, poisoned fame.
Frankly I think Boris has gone insane!

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021
©Chequers/Town & Country Magazine