Skeltonic No. 5


I am living in a maelstrom,
I feel someone has dropped a bomb!
A bomb of negativity
Where is there positivity?

I feel I'm drowning in the deep,
I spend nights without any sleep.
My nights are days, my days are nights.
I feel exhausted, lost my light.

As a light-bringer, this is bad.
It is the one purpose I had.
Now I flounder in the darkness.
Gobbled up by that nameless stress.

I look at the world; see the signs.
War and coups crossing the peace lines.
I pray for the Afghan women,
Rights go; roses cut from the stem.

Their protest takes them to the streets,
Brave, defiant young women's feats.
Farkhunda beaten to death and burned,
By the Taliban, their words turned,

Far from defending womens rights,
Their deeds show such
horrific sights.
The Taliban will erase
Daily life the women's freedom.

Destroying the planet on which
We live causes Gaia to switch;
From peace to earthquake, flood and fire.
Oh, now the earth will feel her ire!

Respect for others must be learned.
Healing from Gaia must be earned.
We head for our Armageddon,
We have a few years not eons!

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021
©Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists.