Shadorma 57 – October


mist seeps into old joints and bones
bringing pain
from dropping temperatures.
Winter items sought.

Vests, socks, gloves
scarves and fur-lined boots
are required
at this time
of year. Gas prices rising.
Will we eat or heat?

For many
people this will be
a daily
As more companies go bust,
Food prices go up.

Food banks are
being used more than ever, as
decide to take away the
extra twenty pounds;

More children
in poverty, what
next? We watch
as shop shelves remain empty.
Not enough drivers.

Skills shortage
all round, let's hope that
can drive trucks.
And that some are doctors to
plug the lack of GPs

brings an ill wind of
change, no-one
wants or needs.
Will this be a winter of
discontent by Boris?

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.