Soliloquy For Evan 2021.

EVAN Kenneth Paul 

Born: 18th October 1976
Died: 29th October 1998

Rest in peace my beautiful son.
Until we meet again.


You were a beautiful baby
and a happy, smiling child.
You were a troubled teenager and a pain-filled young man.

You had good manners and were always polite.
You could draw, paint and write dark poetry.

Dressed up in a suit for a family christening,
you were tall, dark and handsome.

You were bright and funny with a great smile and I loved you so much.
Then the White Lady took you for her own.

Your health both physical and mental suffered.
You died of an overdose of heroin, I was heart broken.

Grief devastated me and I have very little memory of your funeral.
But every year I spend the anniversary of your death remembering you.

To me you will always be twenty-two and a son should not die before his parents.
In the scheme of things it's wrong and grief never ends.

Of course, thoughts of you pop into my head randomly.
I hold you in my heart and you are etched upon my soul forever.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021
©Flowers for Evan/Carolyn Crossley