Skeltonic No. 6


Putin's War

When any country's soldier dies,
Every mother's heart cries
Out in the dark and sighs
Like the wind, when a bird flies.
The madman tells so many lies;
No war, no invasion,
To Ukraine; his word belies

Apocalyptic devastation implies
A war; plumes of black smoke rise,
Fires burn, bombed cities, a prize

Of Putin's war, he still raves about
Neo-Nazis, there is no doubt
International law he will flout.
Putin the Facist will be the shout
From Europe and the West, Putin will pout
As sanctions bite, he'll lose his clout.

Children are dying, it will all come out.
His propaganda we have to
Is he on steroids, his face, so stout?
Let's hope his own posioners, take him out!

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022🇺🇦
©Putin-A Lethal Virus/P.Interest