Shadorma 70 – San Sebastian


Chilled Cava
eating langoustines
meal for two,
in San Sebastian in
Spain, which holds my heart.

of huge avenues.
Bridges over
the river mouth.
The waves crashing on the sands,
tide marks on the walls

inside the
hotel where floods made
their marks and
bullet holes
from the civil war which was
won by Franco who

ruled with an
iron rod, for a
very long
time. Decades
passed before he gave power
to the monarchy.

It has so
many beautiful
buildings so
grand and worth
another visit by me.
Misty memories.

Will I go
back for Cava and
in a grand
hotel with tide marks, the sound
of waves - send me sleep.

Maybe one
day when I can face
on a plane.
Or if someone will drive me
down - like that first time.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022