Free Verse (12) 🦅- Pain, Pain & Pain


Pain consumes your energy,
prevents the sweet relief
of deep restorative sleep.

Pain means you have to
pace yourself, divide even
small tasks into smaller ones.

Pain grinds you down
it depresses, drains and
makes forward plans impossible.

Pain occurs in different
parts of your body, it
frustrates and debilitates you.

Pain brings chronic fatigue
as you struggle with the
simplest of tasks, taking more time.

Pain is something I no
longer rail against, I
have found acceptance helps.

Pain shows me which
part of my body needs
my attention on a particular day.

Pain is a constant in my
life and I have spent
time and money on it.

Pain has led me to look
at my body holistically
and to use alternative methods.

Pain has brought meditation,
tumeric and black pepper
visualisation and relaxation.

Pain has meant I have many
gadgets to help make it
bearable, I love my neck massager.

Pain has taught me many
lessons which I have learned
and now move on with.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022
©Neck Massager