Free Verse (15) – An Autumn Bouquet.


I am sorry I was late buying flowers,
to commemorate your death day.
I was thinking about you on the anniversaries
of your birthday and the date of your death.
You often pop into my mind and make me smile,
at my mother's memories, so precious and all mine.
You are forever twenty two and that makes me sad.
You died so young and yet, your lifestyle
foreshadowed this but when the news came, it was still a shock.
I am alone now with no-one to recall you, except me.
So I buy flowers which are more to bring me comfort, than you.

I always choose a typical autumn bouquet of reds, oranges and yellows.
To cheer my days without you, which are more than you lived, now.
Yellow gerbera, orange and red chrisanthamum, deep red dahlias.
A lovely just opened, rich, red rose and orange dahlias too.
They came in a red box with yellow ribbons, take pride of place,
on my desk, they draw my eyes wherever
I sit or pause in thought.
Funny how life turns out but you, my darling boy will always be,
inside my heart always, loved forever.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022

©Autumn Colours Bouquet/Carolyn Crossley