Free Verse (16) – Climate Change


It is unusually warm for November.
It must be due to climate change.
Temperatures are eight degrees
Above the norm, although rain
Is forecast for next week,
So surely temperatures will fall?

Where are the November mists and fog?
The damp days and chilly nights?
I am sure they will come eventually.
Or perhaps we will be swept
Into winter from an Indian summer?
We are in the hands of the weather gods.

Now we must raise our voices.
To clamour for climate change.
We must cease using fossil fuels,
We must develop renewable fuels.
Spend money on research into halogen
And other potential fuel
to maintain

The temperature in 2030 to one point
Five, but it is already so high.
We have seen flood, starvation caused
By drought, wildfires, ice melts,
Climate change is happening now,
Time is fast running out.

At Cop27 our world leaders must
Show they can walk the talk.
They must unite and work as one.
The tipping point has been reached.
Our beautiful blue planet
is at stake.
This is our home, we must all act!

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022
©Mary J.