Free Verse (17) – The Tribe


We are born into our family tribe.
We grow up in our school tribe.
We stay or leave our religious tribe.
We marry in or out of our tribe.

Then we create our very own tribe.
The whole thing starts again.
One tribe doesn't like another tribe.
So we go to war with and for our tribe.

Since man began we have lived in tribes.
Safety in numbers when out hunting.
Same safety for the women gatherers.
Family, village, town, city and country.

We believe that the human tribe,
Is more developed than animal tribes.
There are lone hunters in the animal world.
There are loners in the human world.

Who is to say which is good or bad?
What about the human with animals tribe?
The man and his best friend, the dog or dogs.
The woman with her cats, often called a witch.

Why do people in their tribes feel threatened,
By the outsiders and their animal family?
Why do they seek to destroy what they don't understand?
This is also where wars start between different tribes.

Humans, are slow learners, we
have so many wars.
Now, again in this century, we are at war.
As democracy fights against autocracy.
Back once more in our seemingly inevitable tribes.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022.
©Ukrainian War/Jarina Gera