NaPoWriMo – Day 27, 2020.

A Brave New World

This Corona crisis is the opportunity we have been waiting for.

The lockdown gives us space to re-evaluate our lives, to see what changes

can be made. Climate change, change in the fabric of politics.

Change in how we treat our most vulnerable, our disabled and mentally challenged.

Change in how we treat our armed forces especially after their duty is done.

A restructuring of the people who are important to daily life,

not the rich, not celebrities not the politicians of every hue, but the nurse, the doctor,

the porter, the cleaner, all frontline NHS staff. Care home workers

who look after the sick, the demented, the frail and old, an opportunity to merge

social care with NHS. We need a new world, the old one was fragmented and broken.

This is an opportunity that we must seize. We know economic hardship will follow.

We must learn to live with the other inhabitants of our planet, the animals, plant life, insects and birds.

See how Mother Nature has flourished while we have been locked up. See how

animals have wandered down from the hills to reclaim the empty streets.)

We have to be decisive, form groups, speak out! We can have a more equal sharing of wealth,

we must compel the Googles and Amazons of the world to pay their taxes.

It is imperative that where there are gluts and food mountains that they are

shared with poorer countries. Isn’t it strange that the happiest children are poor

while children in the UK are stressed, anxiety-ridden and prone to suicide.

We must not go back to our pre-Covid-19 days, but move into a new phase that takes us into a brave new world.

©The Vixen of Verse, 2020

©Pixabay – A Brave New World