NaPoWriMo – Day 30

The Last Poem of April, 2020.

In this time of springtime renewal,
when the Bel fires burn for Beltane.
Fecund fertility festival, brings us beyond
the deaths of thousands of people,
to rebirth, renewal, a renaissance,
in all our lives. Even in grief, we can see,
a flame of renewal and a glimmer
of hope reborn. Seize the day!

Make it count. Let’s lift up our voices for change.
We may be poor, downtrodden, disabled,
but we have been the silent majority
for far too long. Let us rise up like the phoenix,
from the ashes of death and grief.
A call to arms, brothers and sisters,
in great numbers, we have our strength.
We want a cleaner, caring, charismatic world.

A new model to stop greenhouse gas emissions.
We want to honour the ordinary people who,
have turned into extraordinary people.
The doctor, the nurse, the porters, the cleaners,
the carers, bus drivers, our bin men, lorry drivers,
supermarket workers, warehouse staff,
factory workers, who have changed over
to producing PPE. All these
people and more
run our world. The rich, over-privileged,
greedy politicians, who think they do:

Are they even necessary for a brave, new
world we can create? This is our opportunity.
Let us seize the day, the hour,
the minute!
We are one, but we are many too.
When your grandchildren ask you
what did you do after the pandemic?
What will your answer be? What will it be?

@The Vixen of Verse, 2020.

Cleaning in the Pandemic ©Pixabay

PPE = Personal Protection Equipment.