May Poems No 4 – 2020


When I think about going out,

I am not sure I want to.

My lockdown has not been

boring or hard to live through.

Time has passed quickly,

I have been Zooming about

poetry gigs, writing group

meetings and workshops.

I have run a workshop myself

on Zoom and run the Veterans

Breakfast Club meetings too.

Happy, busy fulfilling days.

I have written poetry every day,

from the 1st of April, at NaPoWriMo.

Also been on the Daily Haiku

site, been in the sun in the garden.

Talked to my neighbours,

socially distanced of course.

Done exercises on the verandah,

With my neighbour, stop us seizing up.

Yet, I have only kept the unease at bay,

in the moments before waking,

the moments before sleep.

Insidious it creeps around the edges.

The coronavirus is still out there.

People are still getting infected.

People are still dying, too many.

What to do? Stay in or go out?

Home will have been my safe haven

for 12 weeks, I feel safe here.

Out there a killer awaits the unwary.

An unseen enemy that anyone could carry.

Do I go out or stay in?

If I do go out, do I need to wear

a face mask and disposable gloves.

Do I go out as if everything is


These are now my dilemmas.

Problems I have to resolve.

Do I stay in where I feel safe?

Or go out where danger lurks?

©The Vixen of Verse, 2020.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels