July Poems Series No 5



What a Pity!

Why do we spend money we haven’t got on things
we don’t actually need or want?

It is a strange phenomenon, perhaps we need to surround ourselves with things?

To make us feel safe, in our comfort zone, inside a tower of our own building.

Are we modern-day Rapunzels? With our long uncut hair, not able to venture outside?

Have we spent our isolation de-cluttering our rooms, cooking from scratch and baking cakes?

Only to return to the dutiful fifties wives we have tried so very hard to escape from?

We still need equality in the workplace, we were the women who could have everything!

We could be Nigella in the kitchen, Deborah Meadon in the boardroom,

Marilyn Monroe in the bedroom and a perfect mother with our 2.2 children.

We were to be some sort of superwomen, that never came about for the majority of us.

Then to add insult to injury the Tory/Lib Dem government robbed us of our pensions!

Instead of staggering the retirement age in two-year stages, they jumped four years.

Now I can’t get my state pension until I am 66 and what have they done with the money?

Spent money that should have been ring-fenced for us. No wonder the rich get richer,

while we poor get poorer. Where is the fairness in this new normal?

I think men and women should all retire at the same age, I have no objection to that.

Just to the mess, they have made. Now with the humongous debt from Covid,

we have no chance of getting it back. It is our money, we paid it in our National Insurance.

There really isn’t going to be any new normal is there? Just same old, same old, what a pity.

Some good has come of it all. I’ve got a tidy bedroom; a full freezer of home-cooked meals!

©The Vixen of Verse, 2020.