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Return to Kemptown

10th Anniversary Edition

Andy NPoet

Return to Kemptown: 10th year anniversary edition by [Andy N]

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‘He has shoals of poems that swim all over the place, but often have a darkly comical sting in the tail. Er, do fish have stings in the tails? Um, anyway he’s very good. Cathy Bryant, author of “Erratics”.

Originally released in 2010, Return to Kemptown was Andy N’s first collection of poetry and was the prologue to his second and third book ‘The End of Summer’ and ‘The Birth of Autumn’ setting the scene for that came later with a whirlwind of emotions with a grave good humour in-between a study of life and a study of the growth of life itself.

Now to celebrate its tenth anniversary, Return to Kemptown (2020) is not as much a re-edit and re-imagining but a alternative look at this first book; bringing it closer to what came next with his future work with rare and unreleased material from the same period. Return to Kemptown (2020) shows Andy N as a writer subtly able to slip back to the past as effortlessly as a dreamer and take it in a somewhat different direction but still remaining fresh and engaging as it did in 2010.

Carolyn Crossley – The Vixen of Verse *****5 star review.

Verified Purchase – AMAZON Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 June 2020.

Ironical, Poignant & Well-Crafted

Ironical, Poignant and well- crafted.This revised edition shows Andy N’s growth as a poet. His poetry is at times ironical, poignant and well crafted. I can’t wait to read his other collections.

Andy is an excellent spoken-word poet and has an easy, friendly, but confident manner probably gained doing his various podcasts. He has also run the Speak-Easy Spoken Word Event with his partner, Amanda Steel & good friend, Steve Smythe. Formerly at the Sip Club, Stretford, Manchester, more recently on Zoom.

About The Author

Andy N

Andy N is the author of the poetry books ‘Return to Kemptown’, ‘The End of Summer’ and ‘The Birth of Autumn’ He has also co- written

Europa I,II and III with Nick Armbrister and ‘A Means to an End’ with Jeff Dawson (aka Jeffarama!).

Run away with me in Seven Words with Amanda Steel and is the creator of the ‘Role Reversal’ and ‘Barbarians of the Walls’ series.

He is also the editor-in-chief of Spoken Label, a podcast series designed to interview writers, poets and artists etc., (spokenlabel.bandcamp.com) and co-runs, Reading in Bed, (A book review Podcast) with his partner Amanda Steel: (https://readinginbed.bandcamp.com/)

Comics Unity (A comics news and related news podcast) with Michael (https://comicsunitypodcastseries.bandcamp.com/).

Also Nature’s Way, a blog about writing and life with Colleen (https://anaturespath.bandcamp.com/)

He is also an ambient / experimental musician with credits in acts such as Ocean in a Bottle, A Means to an End, D.I.H, M.A.N, Distance and Grey Ear / White Noise to name but a few. His official blog is http://onewriterandhispc.blogspot.co.uk/

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