The Daily Haiku – 139th Theme, Betrayal 3


Betrayal 3

Violence in home,
attempted murder,
left a stain on all.

Rescued by young son,
who suffered to come to terms
with his teenage years.

Died of heroin
overdose at twenty-two
so much grief and pain.

Why is so little
done to stop this plague? Why do
violent men exist?

Because we allow
them to, what if women
killed every week?

They asked for it, they
nag, they whine, it is their fault.
Their deaths are our shame.

No blame for victims,
Let us look for the signs, they
are there - all may see.

Open your eyes, be there
for your sister who is gas-lighted,
reach out with love and light!

©The Vixen🦊of Verse, 2020.
Smiling ©Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels