Poetry Book Reviews – Purrfect Poems


Purr-fect Poems by Various Authors, Edited by Mel Wardle Woodhouse Illustrated by Derek Sellen

This book has been produced by Mel Wardle Woodhouse and her company Dream Well Writing Ltd, to raise funds for Cats Protection, Stafford and District.

Mel is the poet laureate for Staffordshire from 2019 – 2021 and her love of cats comes through in her poetry and the lovely photos of Bubbles her black cat which are on the book cover and inside this lovely Cat poems anthology.

The poems are split into 4 parts,

Part 1 – I Am Cat

Part 2 – Purr-Feline

Part 3 – Over the Bridge

Part 4 – Cat Haiku

The first part features poems written from the cat’s point of view. The second part are cat poems from their humans’ point of view. The third part are about cats that have died and passed over the rainbow bridge. The fourth part are haiku and other short poems.

I have 2 poems in this anthology so I do have a vested interest in the book. My poems are called, “My Old Lad” and “Paw Prints” about my 2 lovely rescue cats, Rio and Miss Molly. I have read all the poems and they are of an excellent standard. Part 3, is heart-breaking to read but just shows how much love owners have towards their cats.

These poems have been written far and wide and from young poets to er… let’s just say older poets and all ages in between.

From “Flying Tonight” by Beverley Adams, which is very apt for this time of year, to Denise O’Hagan’s “Burmese, Past Unknown,” and the lovely “Eddie’s Song,”  by Patrick Osada who I only “know” from The Daily Haiku, website, to Joan McNerney’s beautiful haiku, my emotions rise and fall like waves on the sea.

So it is with all the poems, this anthology is a labour of love, cat love and thanks to Cats Protection who improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of cats and kittens in their care.

Should you wish to buy this anthology and support Cats Protection’s vital work and why wouldn’t you, here are the details you need:

Contact Mel Wardle Woodhouse at the following link to order a copy of the book. Cost: £10 + £2.50 p&p.


Purrfect Poems ©PhotoCarolynCrossley