Amanda:What are your thoughts as this year draws to a close?

Carolyn: That 2020 has been a strange year, full of fear and sorrow at the death toll. As someone with a comorbidity, in my case diabetes, I went into shielding for the first 12 weeks of the pandemic.

Amanda: How were you affected by Covid19?

Carolyn: After that we in Greater Manchester and the North West seem to have been in a permanent Tier 3 lockdown. However, for me lockdown turned out to be a good thing. It gave me the motivation to concentrate on my poetry and writing and get into the habit of writing every day.

Amanda: How have you changed?

Carolyn: I have developed a successful ever-growing writing blog, where I have now written 1,245 posts and have 352 followers since 1st April. I have completed a poem a day for 30 days in NaPoWriMo (April) and written 41,000 words of a new novel in NaNoWriMo (November). I have had 2 poems published in an anthology to raise funds for Cats Protection called Purr-fect Poems and then I have had three poems published in Poetic Vision an anthology that is raising funds for Guide Dogs for the Blind. I have never had such a productive writing year ever.

I have become calmer and more content with life. I have taken on another rescue cat, Miss Molly from Cats Protection, Rochdale who is such a joy to give a forever home to and she has given my 13-year-old male cat, Rio a new lease of life.

I have had time to deal with my spiritual life and I don’t feel guilty having all that me time.

Amanda: What should we be taking into the future?

Carolyn: During the pandemic I never realised how many people cared about my welfare. So we should take the rediscovery of community, kindness, caring about other people, animals and most importantly our beautiful planet, into the future.

Amanda:What do you want now?

Carolyn: I want to self – publish a book of my poetry. Then I want to edit/rewrite my historical fiction novel, finish my fantasy novel and self -publish those too. I want to continue writing every day.

Amanda:How important is creativity in your life?

Carolyn: Creativity is my lifeblood, it is what makes me get up in the morning even when I am in a lot of pain, it keeps depression away, it makes me smile, it makes me happy.

©Carolyn Crossley