Quatrain – Unrhymed, Light & Shadow


Light and Shadow

Lose time and space, live in the here and now.
Quantum physics will catch up eventually.
We need to get rid of all our fears, but mostly of death.
Death is not the end, we rise like phoenixes.

Our fears are fostered by our ego, listen to the being within.
Accept each day as it comes, moment by moment.
Acknowledge the pain, accept and honour it.
Then healing can come from that place within.

Remember your shadow self, that lives beside you.
All those things.
that might have been. The feelings and emotions that were
The things parents and teachers said you must
never do.

Work with your shadow side, for no human is perfect.
We have light and shadow which makes us whole.
Admit and allow the two sides to be, human and being.
Be still, be silent and listen to the Divine within.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.
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