The Daily Haiku – Anserine 2,



the great river winds
down the hill and over fields,
rain puddled pathway,

rain puddled pathway
beside the roaring river,
reflecting grey sky.

reflecting grey sky
warns of a snowstorm coming;
the birds seek shelter.

the birds seek shelter,
from first white flakes of cold snow,
the fox hurries home.

the fox hurries home,
down to his burrow, to hide,
as banshee wind howls,

as banshee wind howls,
the white snow a blizzard now,
drifts high against trees.

drifts high against trees,
blankets in white, even the
rain puddled pathway,

rain puddled pathway,
merges with landscape,
the great river winds.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.

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