The Great Margin – Conversation 35 by Amanda White.

#TheGreatMargin #TheDailyHaiku

My sentence to describe haiku.

haiku is magic, it can be pulled from thin air, it is life-affirming and a Goddess for all seasons; she is nature, inspiring, in all her glory and many guises, rainbow-coloured, a beautiful dancer who extends friendship to all.

Anserine 4

haiku is evolving
slowly, it is magic, life-
affirming, it inspires

affirming, it inspires,
the Goddess for all seasons;
beautiful dancer

beautiful dancer
she is nature in all her
glory, all weathers

glory, all weathers,
all guises, extends friendship
comes from the fresh air

comes from the fresh air,
like sparkling dew on cut grass,
affirming, it inspires

affirming, it inspires,
rainbow colours; shimmering gold,
haiku is evolving.

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