The Great Margin – Conversation 42, 13th to 19th February 2021.

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My favourites by others: Jenny Shepherd
On today's theme of Mist.
The gold-robed monk rings
the temple bell in the mist:
A blurred, candle flame.

This is a memory of a visit to the Buddhist monastery on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, over 35 years ago. Somewhere in the loft, there is the photo…

On today's Musical Prompt, "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" by Pink Floyd.

Thank you, you piper.
You helped me find my diamond.
Now, we can both shine.

Amanda White

Love’s everywhere
Find it where and when you can
and let it find you

#TheWeeklyChallenge #LoveHaiku #TheDailyHaiku

flightless I anticipate
your next move

Melissa Moore

theme: book
girl’s childhood book
no mention of scientist
or mathematician

Wendy Houser Blomseth

my tears fall again
memories of cards
empty hands cracked heart

TheWeeklyChallenge and #lovehaiku and #64MillionArtists

Stan Phillips

Theme - Mist
It was so foggy/
when I was driving last night/I mist my turning.

DE Navarro

a wild goat's red eyes
stare through the fence I leapt…
thwarted headbutt


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