My Friend Carol Marie Higgins.

This is a poem I wrote and read aloud at my friend’s funeral on Monday 29th March, 2021.

My Friend Carol Marie Higgins

My friend Carol was a wise and wonderful woman.
She wrote well-plotted stories; she was a natural.
When we went to lunch at Rhode Island or Costa Coffee,
We put the world to rights, shame it was all wrong by morning.

Carol was kind and understanding; she saw good in everyone.
She taught me to accept people as they are – and love them anyway.
Carol was big on family; she loved her husband of many years.
She was a proud mother and grandmother, always an animal lover.

She was so fond of Bengi the rescue dog from the local Dogs Trust.
Carol was a Hollins Lass through and through and proud of it.
She had a great sense of humour and we were always laughing together.
She favoured bright coloured jumpers and rainbow-hued beads.

She always stocked the Writing Café up with Coffee and Biscuits.
Carol had eclectic views on the world; she liked the fey and the old ways.
When you miss her and want to feel her near, go out into nature.
Wherever ducks gather, swans swim or squirrels chase each other.

Whenever owls hoot or small birds chatter, that's where her presence will be.
When the wind blows and rustles the leaves in the trees, she'll listen to you.
You will hear her call you “flower” and she'll hug you as close as close can be.
Whenever the sun filters through the trees you'll feel her warmth upon your face.

When the moon casts her light you may be able to hear her laughter through the veil.
My friend, Carol is a wise and wonderful woman who lives on in our hearts and memories.

Her good friend – Carolyn Crossley
©🦊VixenOfVerse. 29/03/2021
Carol Marie Higgins in pale blue jeans and red jumper at Oldham library with me on her left and fellow published authors. (2019).