NaPoWriMo Has Finished!


As you usual I took the 30 poems in 30 days to the wire and only finished at midnight on the 30th!

This year I decided not only that I would write 30 poems in 30 days but that I would challenge myself to also write the 30 poems in 30 different poetic forms. What was I thinking?

The first problem I encountered was I didn’t actually know 30! I did a quick appeal on Facebook and four of my lovely poet friends came to my rescue.

I am really glad I have finished. I have had painful hands in the last few days ( thank goodness for good compression gloves!)

Will I do it again next year? Without a doubt I will. I have enjoyed some of the forms but others I am sure I will never tackle again!   Here is the list I have used:

Forms Used For NaPoWriMo April 2021 Poems.

1. Rhymed Quatrain
2. Triolet
3. Haiku
4. Tanka
5. Seven line stanza rhymed A/C, B/D, E/F/G.
6. Shadorma
7. FIB
8. Tritina
9.  List Poem
10. Nonet
11. Sonnet
12. Anserine
13. Prose Poem
14. Dramatic Monologue
15. Cinquain (unrhymed, old fashioned)
16. Skeltonic (tumbling verse)
17. Rhyming Couplets
18. Cherita
19. Landay
20. Sijo

21. Limerick
22. Terza Rima
23. Terza-Sonnet
24. Haiga
25. Acrostic
26. Abecedarian
27. Alexandrine
28. Free Verse
29. Sestina
30. Ode


we were provided with a daily prompt which I found very useful as I am used to prompts on The Daily Haiku:

However some days they didn’t suit my mood or flow so I went off prompt. I have to say they were very useful when I did use them. I feel sure I will be glad to return to my short-form poetry, like haiku, tanka, haiga, landay, and shadorma but I may well add the Cherita and Sijo which I did enjoy writing. Then there is my favourite form, the triolet, I return to them again and again. If you want to read some new short-form poetry written by me and forty other very talented poets, this is the latest anthology I appear in.

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Thanks to everyone who read my NaPoWriMo poems and liked or commented on them, I appreciate your time and effort. ❤❤❤

On P.Interest.