Skeltonic No. 2


Skeltonic No.2 - Normality

Normality is due to return.
In July a new normal to learn.
The old normal, people want to spurn.
A brave new world to crash and burn.

Over-18's getting the vaccine.
But still the anti-vaxers scream
It's experimental hasn't been
Tested enough, so they are not keen!

Their info on Twitter and Facebook,
You have got to be having a look
On NHS site, how low will they stoop?
I don't think they are a growing group.

Soon everyone will have the two jabs,
And any anti-vaxer
that blabs.
It is as though his workmates he stabs
In the back: no good flexing his abs.

He'll be out-numbered
there is no doubt.
He doesn't know what he's talking about.
No holidays without tests, rules, he'll flout.
He'll be outside, looking in, he can shout.

So let's all be kind to the poor bloke.
He'll get so angry he'll have a stroke,
In hospital, he'll get Covid and croak.
Then he'll be the butt of his workmates' joke.

The rest of us march on to July.
With mixed feelings, I won't tell you a lie.
Some think the end of our known world is nigh.
Some will be washing our masks with a sigh.

The Delta variant on the rampage,
People out of work, without a wage,
Using food banks in this day and age.
People are fighting in total rage.

I will pray that this world gets better.
As the climate gets colder and wetter.
Polar caps are shrinking, so says Greta,
Thunburgh, who writes a very good letter.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.
©HypeBeast/GRETA Thunburgh pens an open LETTER to World Leaders.