NaPoWriMo 🎙📚14/04/22 – Day 14



Today’s challenge is a fun one: write a poem that takes the form of the opening scene of the movie of your life. Does it open with a car chase? A musical number? A long scene panning across a verdant plain? You’re the director (and also the producer, the actors, the set designer, the cinematographer, and the lowly assistant that buys doughnuts for the crew) – so it’s all up to you! Happy Writing!  -Maureen Thorson

This is a challenge! I had to ponder a whole day and night on this one. I am going with free verse. 🧡👩‍🦰🧡


The Opening Scene

Films are not life, but my film
would have flashbacks into
my murky past. So my opening
scene would be dark swirling
mist with glimpses of the full
moon; everything would be still.

There would be a drum beating
like a heartbeat, getting louder,
then there would be an eerie
loud howl of an alpha male wolf
calling his mate and family.
Slowly we see a black-cloaked

figure, emerge from the mist.
The figure is unmoving, as it
waits for the wolf's howl to stop.
The heartbeat drum fades away.
The figure, let's the hood drop
revealing flaming bright red hair.

Then suddenly a dozen dancers
appear from the mist, they untie
the cloak and whisk it away with
a flourish! Underneath I wear golden
stage armour to match their silver.
We start to form a column and then

march like Roman soldiers going
to war. A very handsome Roman
Centurion takes my heroine's hand
and everyone bursts into rousing song.
'What doesn't kill you makes you
stronger' written for the film.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022