Free Verse (13) – Like Romania Before Them.

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Like Romania Before Them

I could hardly watch
the TV that showed
the leftover Soviet
Regime which caused
the Ukrainians to lock
up their young disabled
men and women, confining
them to cots where they
spent most of their days.
Some of them were tied
to the bars of their cots,
they were fed and wore
'nappies', they rocked,
made noises, without
exercise their limbs were
twisted and without
stimulation, they had
never learned to talk.
Some of the staff wanted
help to show them how
to treat them differently
while others claimed their
defects made their lives
The government had not
helped to fund these
institutions, they hadn't
enough staff and they
lacked training in how
to keep these disabled
young people healthy
and happy.
If Ukraine is going to
be a member of the
European Union, like
Romania before them,
this is an area they
desperately need to
invest in.
I love the Ukrainian
people for their passion
and strength in fighting
for their homeland against
Putin's war, but they must
show some compassion
to these poor souls who
are just waiting to die.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022