Shadorma 78👒-The Fey Folk


Water flows
wind blows through the trees
of the woods.
world, where leaves flutter with the
breeze, whispering words.

The tree roots
create their network
in the earth
where grounded;
they pass on their sage wisdom
by their root system.

The moss grows,
wild flowers, fungi,
and all the
and birds make this place their home,
a wild paradise.

If you stay
very still, you may
see flashes
of bright light.
The fairie folk at their play,
leave them an offering.

Respect their
home, or they will make
their mischief.
Merry but
effective, leave them their due
something very sweet.

Of course, if
you don't believe in
these fey folk
that is up
to you. Beware though the tricks
they will play on you!

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022