Daily Affirmations – ©Carolyn Crossley


1. Fear is only a thought in my head. I am fearless! 🦁👩‍🦰❤

I can do this. ❤👩‍🦰😊🦁

I am a divine child of the Universe, full of love and 💡 light. ❤👩‍🦰❌🌈🐈✍🏻

Love & Light http://www.pixabay.com


    1. Thank-you. I have been using Garima’s affirmation’s to inspire me to write my own! I think the more personal you can make your affirmations and of course, they must be daily to set up new thinking habits. With this in mind, I am off to write some more!
      Best regards
      Carolyn Xxx


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