Daily Affirmations ©Carolyn Crossley.


1. I am in the right place at the right time, all is well.

2. I am gaining strength and empowerment every day.

3. I am a belovéd child of the Universe, I am safe.


Divine Child of the Universe – photo by P Interest
  • Random Theme Haiku No 3 – Words
    #haikupoetry #random WORDSMeaning nothing thewords hung in the air, waiting,for the right response.©The🦊Vixen of Verse, 2020
  • The Daily Haiku – 183rd Theme, Infinity
    #haikupoetry #infinity InfinityWe are infinite,limitless, as above, so below – eternal.©🦊The Vixen of Verse, 2020.
  • The Daily Haiku – 5th Weekend Haiga,
    #haiga #haiku 5th HAIGAStrength in the crashingwaves, white, foamy, blue water,joins sea to blue sky.©🦊The Vixen of Verse, 2020.
  • The Daily Haiku – 19th Weekly Theme, Bridges.
    #haikupoetry BridgesPlease don’t be readyfor the rainbow bridge, my cat,Rio goes to thevet.©The🦊Vixen of Verse, 2020.
  • Good Vibes 21 🎧🎙
    “Bad times, have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss.
  • Gratitude Journal ©Carolyn Crossley
    #gratitude #journal ❤🌿🌻🌺💕💙💕🌺🌻🌿❤ I am grateful for the gift of life, not given to everyone today. I am grateful for the sanctuary I call home. I am grateful that the people I need are in my life already. I am grateful for the perfect flow my life is in. I am grateful for the love […]
  • Daily Affirmations ©Carolyn Crossley
    #daily #affirmations 🌻❤🌹💙💕🌺💕💙🌹❤🌻 I am stronger than I think I am I am courageous and have survived I am constantly moving towards a better life. I have set attainable goals. I have a dream that is coming true. 🌻❤🌹💙💕🌺💕💙🌹❤🌻
  • The Daily Haiku – 18th Weekly Theme, Wood/Wind 5.
    #haikupoetry Wind 5The wind whirls the raininto a full Autumn storm,Thunder and lightning.©The Vixen of Verse🦊, 2020.
  • The Daily Haiku – 18th Weekly Theme, Wood 5/Wind
    #haikupoetry Wood 5She carved the wood witha small white-handled boline.Hand-made figurine.©The🦊Vixen of Verse, 2020.
  • The Daily Haiku – 182nd Theme, Fish
    #haikupoetry #fish FishFish and seafood, likered snapper, sea bass, and saltcod, prawns – langoustines.PescatarianI could be when I lived in Spain – washed down with cava.Fish market on thequayside, fish just caught, so fresh.Wrapped and taken home.Silver parcels on the bar-b-que, squeeze of lemon,pinch of black pepper. ©The Vixen of Verse🦊, 2020.
  • Guest Blog – Reblog, Lize Bard
    Another one of Lize Bard’s lovely haiku. There are so many, it is always hard to choose just one. – Carolyn Devoted not wasting our words ~ on the silences we share ~ doting on stillness — © Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa — Photo: Scania 2018/08 Devoted
  • 31st Tanka
    #tankapoetry 31st TankaI took a trip toBlarney Castle, when younger,and able-bodied.I climbed the steep, winding stairs.I kissed the old Blarney Stone.©The🦊Vixen of Verse, 2020.
  • The Daily Haiku – 181st Theme, One Secret Thing.
    #haikupoetry #secret One Secret ThingIf I tell a secret,I tell a lie, I crossed myheart and hoped to die.©The Vixen🦊of🦊Verse, 2020.
  • The Daily Haiku 18th Weekly Theme, Wood/Wind 4
    #haikupoetry Wind 4East wind brings the chillof Autumn, even in the sunshine, she cuts through.©The🦊Vixen of Verse, 2020.
  • The Daily Haiku – 18th Weekly Theme, Wood 4/Wind
    #haikupoetry Wood 4My mother liked wood,she went to classes and made a table – pride and joy.©The Vixen of Verse🦊, 2020.
  • Good Vibes 21 🎧🎙
    “Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them; is what makes life meaningful – Joshua J Marine.
  • Gratitude Journal ©Carolyn Crossley
    #gratitude #journal 🌹❤🌻💛🌺💙💙🌺💛🌻❤🌹 I am grateful for another day on this beautiful planet, a gift not granted to everyone. I am grateful for my connection to the Divine I am grateful to my muse. I am grateful for my growing number of skills and abilities. I am grateful for my happy, peaceful, calm life. 🌹❤🌻💛🌺💙💙🌺💛🌻❤🌹
  • Daily Affirmations ©Carolyn Crossley
    #daily #affirmations 🌹💛🌻💙🌺🌿🌺💙🌻💛🌹 I am grateful for another day in which to improve my life. I am feeling positive in spite of the wave of negativity I am living in. I know that the Divine is working for my own good. Fear is only a thought, I choose to change each fearful thought into hope. […]
  • The Daily Haiku – 13th Slow Renga 2
    #haikupoetry #renga Sail Away 2Sail away Skattyon your Dad’s boat.But do come back home.©The🦊Vixen of Verse, 2020. **Footnote** Skatty is a lovely Maine Coon polydactyl cat who lives on his Dad’s boat in New Zealand. This photo is from one of his forays ashore.
  • The Daily Haiku – 13th Slow Renga – Sail away…
    #haikupoetry #renga Sail AwaySail away on acold, windy, day searching forsunshine, and calm seas.©The🦊Vixen of Verse, 2020.
  • The Daily Haiku – 180th Theme, Black Holes.
    #haikupoetry #senryu #blackholes Black HolesCovid hangs overus, like a black hole, ready,with – antibodies.©The Vixen🦊of🦊Verse, 2020 **Footnote** I wanted to speak about Coronavirus/Covid-19 as positively as I can. I think the media should concentrate on the numbers that recover as well as the more sensational numbers infected and numbers dead. Carolyn❤🌹
  • Good Vibes 20 🎧🎙
    “If you don’t like something, change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou
  • Guest Poets – Reblog Susi Bocks
    Being Discovered, is just one poem by Susi Bocks, who is a very talented poet and writer. Read more on her WordPress blog, Susi Bocks, I write her putting myself out there open and freely may i always be honest with you and myself when you read me will you understand who I am can […]
  • Gratitude Journal ©Carolyn Crossley
    #gratitude, journal, ❤🌹💚🌿💛🌻🌻💛💚🌿🌹❤ I am grateful for all the people I have in my life. I am grateful for the sanctuary of home. I am grateful for good food to eat and nourish my body. I am grateful for the flow of money into my life. I am very grateful to have a brain that […]
  • Daily Afformations ©Carolyn Crossley
    #daily #affirmations ❤🌹💛🌻💚🌿🌿💚🌻💛🌹❤ I listen to my body and give it what it is asking me for. I am in tune with my spirit. I am happy and content in my home. I choose to remain positive in a very negative time. This too shall pass, all is well in my world. ❤🌹💛🌻💚🌿🌿💚🌻💛🌹❤

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