August Poem No 2

Musings During A Storm

The night was lit up by forked lightning,

I waited for the crash of thunder, it still made me jump when it came.

Then the rain came, drumming on the roof and sluicing down the windows.

The cats, one either side of me snuggled in a bit closer to ride out the storm.

The dark storm clouds overhead were rent once more by the bright, white lightning.

I counted silently in my head before the clap of thunder came.

It sounded as if it was directly overhead. The little cat visibly started at the noise.

I stroked her and crooned a few endearments to soothe her.

All the time the rain came down in torrents, soaking the tinder-dry earth.

The wind seemed to howl as it added its frenzy to the storm.

I wondered what ancient people must have thought of storms.

Were they ill omens indicating that their deities were angry with them?

Or were they perhaps the results of dancing or praying for rain as Native Americans used to do.

I had drawn the blinds back in order to watch the storm.

There is something majestic about storms and this was no different.

Another flash of lightning and a crash of thunder, this time not quite as loud and violent.

The storm was passing on to unleash its power in another town, another city.

Finally when the thunder was a distant but still menacing for someone rumble.

I thought how like life a storm was. Life creeps up on you like a storm.

Or it is forecast and you are waiting for it, but it still surprises you when it comes.

Storms are like dramatic changes in life, bankruptcy, divorce, death of a loved one.

When one phone call plunges you into dramatic, often unwanted change.

However, much we resist change, it must happen, it is part of life.

Nowadays I am much more in flow with life. I allow change to wash over me like a storm.

I have accepted the beginnings and endings of life instead of railing against them.

For me this was a great learning curve, I am by nature fiery and like my ancestors, born of a warrior nation.

Now I have accepted that there is a time for peace and a time for rebellion.

Age has a lot to do with it, spirituality too.

Now I am in a peaceful phase of my life; accepting it, enjoying it, but aware that change could come at any time.

©The Vixen of Verse🦊, 2020.

Photo by Tanya Gorelova from Pexels