Skeltonic No. 1 (tumbling verse) – Boris says…


Boris says lockdown is almost over,
We will all be like pigs in clover.
Hugs will abound from Carlisle to Dover.
People of faith will be thanking Jehovah.
We can stay overnight, turn into a rover.
Look up at the sky and see a bright nova.

Meet with eight inside will be the rule,
Ventilate even though the weather is cool.
Over lovely restaurant food we can drool.
Scan the app, table service you fool.
Pay by card on the app, it's a new tool.
What do you mean they are being cruel?
Because you're a  luddite, take a stool.
Watch the expert at work,I'm a real jewel.

Teenagers can abandon masks so Boris said.
We can all go to events, so I've read.
Theatres can open, culture for the well bred.
Sports venues, reduced capacity I dread.
I shall just stay home, watch TV in bed.
Or with the cats, as long as they are fed.
In a crowd I could catch Covid instead.
Even after two jabs I could end up dead!

As for foreign holidays, far too soon.
I am sure it will still be in June.
I might venture a day out as a boon.
But only somewhere quiet where no crowds loom.
But before Boris has promised us the moon.
It didn't work out that way, lockdown gloom.
So I shall exercise caution and softly croon.
Sorry, Boris but I don't want to be facing my high noon.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.
©Boris Johnson